High5 - Nema da nema (VIPnet)

In cooperation with the Bruketa & Zinic agency, we have designed the video concept as a supportive communication element to promote the new mobile VipNET package for youth, which contains unlimited units in their new subscription packages.

We backed up our clients’, High5, lyrics with a meaningful, yet comical and satirical, video.

The final product took over Croatian streets with campaign posters, QR codes and NFC chips with which the passers-by could exclusively check the new video of the High5 group and the new VipNET offer of mobile subscription packages. Later, the video was also accessible to the general public on their You Tube channel.

Soon after the presentation of the video, it also got its own advertising version, which exceeded 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The crew

Director: Žiga Radulj
DOP: Tilen Bačar
Producer: Miha Drnovšek
Assistant producer: Filip Đurić
Camera: Nejc Miljak
On set coordinators: Miha Drnovšek, Filip Đurić
Runner: Aljaž Gostinčar
MUA: Maja Razboršek
Editing: Nejc Miljak
Color Grade: Tilen Bačar
VFX: Žiga Radulj
Motion Graphics: Tilen Bačar, Žiga Radulj