Sheby - Furanje nikamor

In June 2017 we released the second part of the “Girls Rule Trilogy” by Sheby, with the title “Furanje Nikamor” (eng. “Driving Nowhere””, a follow-up music video to the previous one we made for her – LINK.

The music video was again suggested for ‘song of the week’ on Val 202, and came to RTV’s music board “Točka” on 2nd place.

The crew

Director: Žiga Radulj
DOP: Tilen Bačar
Producer: Miha Drnovšek
Camera: Nejc Miljak
On set coordinators: Miha Drnovšek, Filip Đurić
MUA: Ana Katanec
Editing: Nejc Miljak
Color Grade: Tilen Bačar
VFX: Žiga Radulj