Lidl Jogurteka

Lidl Slovenija set on a journey to create the first user-generated product – Yoghurt. Firstly, we filmed a product release, which was a flash mob on public buses in Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia. The video was later used as promotion on the client’s digital channels. Later we created a case movie for the campaign, from the start of it to release a product. The materials and information were collected, basic looks were designed and then animated in 2D with a support of a client’s script and voiceover. The case movie was later presented at the SIMPL Festival.

The crew

Producer: Miha Drnovšek
Camera: Nejc Miljak, Miha Drnovšek
Edited: Nejc Miljak
Color graded: Tilen Bačar
Designed: Tilen Bačar
Animated: Žiga Radulj, Miha Drnovšek

Agency: FABulatorij