High5 - Mama napokon sam uspio


The process was started with a meeting with the client (High5) as usual. We considered their wishes, ideas, budget limit and possibilities to include sponsorship from local companies. So we began brainstorming ideas how we could produce the finest looking and appealing music video currently in the region. We decided to cancel two locations and shoot at only one and shorten the production process from three days to only one day, to limit expenses. The script was written, the location was chosen, and the storyboard was sketched.


The day started very early, the whole team arrived at the location early to get all the equipment set up. The cast had to be brought to the location from all around the country and even Croatia and Hungary. We used RED Epic Dragon and shoot at 4K in 120fps on a gimbal and tripod, used Arri lights and a lot of other lighting equipment. The filming lasted from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.


It doesn’t look that way, but the post-production took a lot of time on this project. The editing was made using proxies, but the tracking, scene extensions, keying, and VFX compositing was made on raw files. The final product was imported to DaVinci Resolve with raw files and then graded to its final form.

Final result

We are very proud of the final outcome. The video was accepted widely over the Adria region with over 200.00 views in the first two months on YouTube. The music video reached number one on the index.hr chart in the first week of release and also got on MTV Domačica music video chart of MTV Adria and climbed all the way to the 1st place. The music video also is nominated for Hip Hop Unity 2016 best music video award.

The crew

Director: Žiga Radulj
DOP: Tilen Bačar
Producer: Miha Drnovšek
Camera: Miha Drnovšek
AC: Nejc Miljak
On set coordinators: Filip Đurić, Taja Košir Popovič
Editing: Nejc Miljak
Color Grade: Tilen Bačar
VFX: Žiga Radulj
BTS photo: Taja Košir Popovič
MUA: Jana Slimšek, Carina Carlier